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As a parent, nothing can be more important than your child’s needs. You’d be glad to know:

55% of parents in Singapore prioritise saving for their child’s education over their own retirementFootnote:1.

Footnote 1HSBC The Value of Education Report 2016

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Hi , is planning to study at a local university? You’d be interested to know:

The starting monthly salary for fresh graduates from NUS, NTU and SMU hit a new high of S$3,360 in 2016Footnote:2.

Footnote 2The Straits Times article – Fresh grads’ starting pay hits new high

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Ever wondered if parents prefer sending their children for overseas studies? It’s been revealed:

43% of parents in Singapore would consider an overseas university education for their childFootnote:3.

Footnote 3HSBC The Value of Education Report 2016

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Footnote 4askST: What are the average annual returns for Singapore Savings Bonds?
Footnote 5Core Inflation Rate

Rising operating costs have pushed local university tuition fees higher every year since 2010Footnote:3.
It’s been predicted:

A four-year degree in Singapore will cost 70% of an individual's average yearly
income in 2030Footnote:6.

Footnote 6The Straits Times article – Cost of university

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