Term is the easy way forward

No one can predict life's future events. If you find it hard to plan for the long run, here's a straightforward and flexible term life insurance plan that covers you for a set period. Choose from the options of a policy term of 5 years that is renewable up to ageFootnote:1 85, 20 years, or up to ageFootnote:1 65 - with an add-on to cover for critical illness.

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Protection Cover

Up to S$400,000

Protection Period

Choose from 3 options:


  • DIRECT – Critical Illness Rider

How DIRECT - ValueTerm benefits you

Flexible coverage with 3 policy term options

Choose from a policy term that suits your needs - 5 years that is renewable up to ageFootnote:1 85, 20 years, or up to the ageFootnote:1 65.

Guaranteed policy renewals for the 5-year term

You will qualify for policy renewals every 5 years until you turn 85, without the need for medical proof. Premiums may vary with every renewal.

Insurance that's easy to understand

Learn about your policy the straightforward way. Simply answer a few questions to receive a quote on your premium.

Footnote:1 Age refers to age next birthday and denotes the insured's age at a particular time with the addition of 1 year.

Enhance your coverage

DIRECT - Critical Illness Rider

In the unfortunate event of a critical illness, a sum insured of up to S$400,000 will be paid out.

The rider covers 30 critical illnesses including stroke, certain types of cancer and heart diseases.

Product reference materials

DIRECT - ValueTerm (Base Plan):

DIRECT - Critical Illness Rider:

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